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Who will be capturing our wedding day images? 

When you hire us then we are the ones there to capture your images.  We aren't "photography brokers" who send out inexperienced teams to do the real work.  We feel strongly that wedding photography is a personal experience and we are all about making that day as wonderful for you and your families as we possibly can.


What is your style of photography?

Photojournalistic is our style but we also take the posed photos, room shots, details that our clients want. Our goal is always to document your day in as creative, natural, and artistic manner as possible.

Have you shot at our venue before?

It doesn't really matter because we are always going to do our homework  If we are new to a venue then we either visit the site before the wedding day or arrive early to make sure that we understand all the unique characteristics of shooting there.  Even if we've been at a venue multiple times the light is going to be different based on the time of year.  We love new venues but we also approach every wedding day with the idea of capturing the unique quality and vibe of that day so the feel of your day is unique to what made it special.


Are there always two photographers?

Yes, with most of our packages, there are two photographers.  Some venues and smaller events work well with either one of us or with two of us for the first 4 hours and then one photographer for the dancing.

How many photos will I end up with?

The average is anywhere from 500 to 1,000 depending on the length of time we are shooting on your wedding day.  As you can imagine, we wind up with more with larger weddings and sometimes fewer with very small events but the finished images average about 100 per hour that we are there.


Do you edit and retouch the images?

Yes, every photograph that you receive has been edited for color, exposure, and composition. From there we select some of our favorites for additional creative touches.  


Do you travel for weddings?

Yes, we love to travel and have been everywhere from the Princeton campus to California to capture our brides.


After the wedding, how long does it take to get our photos?

We try to have your blog and slideshow ready to go when you get home from your honeymoon but on average we take about 2 weeks. 


Are images available to view and order online?

Yes, they are available online for 6 months after we post them. 


What happens if you get sick or hurt and can't make our wedding?

We have never missed a wedding but we belong to professional organizations and have a network of photographer friends who all pitch in for each other when there is an emergency. From the standpoint of Peacock Photo, Lauren and I act as each other's backup in 99% of our weddings.


I hate having my picture taken and feel really awkward...what can we do?

Most of the people that you see pictured on our website have said this to us at one time or another. We have studied extensively and continue to take classes so that we can always photograph you at your best. There are some really simple things that anyone can do to look more natural in photos and we show those to you right at the start.


When should we schedule an engagement session?

We can do that anytime up until the week of your wedding. If you are using the photo for a Save the Date then you will just let us know how early you might want to schedule the shoot. An engagement session takes 45 minutes to an hour and we schedule those photo sessions Monday through Friday or occasionally we can accommodate a Sunday afternoon.


What should I be looking for in choosing a photographer?

Experience is so important in wedding photography that I can't stress that strongly enough. It's better to have someone who has a large body of experience for less time than it is to have someone less expensive for a full day.  The quality of your images is directly affected by really knowing and understanding a wedding day and all that it entails.  


Is it okay if other people take photos during the day?

This is the most difficult part of what we do.  Many brides now are opting to ask that their guests not take photos during the ceremony so that we can do our jobs but also so that they can actually share in the moment instead of posting to Facebook.  Everyone has a point and shoot or cell phone with them and unfortunately, they lean out into the aisle to try and capture that special image for you. More images have been ruined by well meaning friends and family wanting to be the hero of the day with their cell phone photo than photographers missing shots.  We ask that there be no other photography during the ceremony itself so that we can do our best for you.  We had one recent bride who was so disappointed because her father in law stepped into the aisle as she was walking toward the groom and blocked not only the groom's view of his soon to be wife but her view of him and our shot of this important moment.  He was blocking all of this to get a photo on his Iphone.  We aren't trying to be difficult or rude to anyone but we're there to capture your day for you and having the cooperation of your guests during the ceremony is key.  Once the ceremony is over then people can certainly take photos if they'd like.